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Media Releases
Arrow Right 24 May 2018 - Questions on Notice to Auditor of Molopo Energy Limited for Upcoming Annual General Meeting

Arrow Right 23 May 2018 - Further Letter to Molopo Energy Limited Shareholders : Orient and Drawbridge Transactions and Breaches of ASX Listing Rules

Arrow Right 11 May 2018 - Letter to Molopo Energy Limited Shareholders : Act Now Before Molopo Loses Everything

Arrow Right 23 January 2018 - Letter of Concerns to Molopo Energy Shareholders

Arrow RightLetter to Molopo Energy Limited Shareholders : Act Now Before Molopo Loses Everything
23 January 2018 Over recent months, Keybridge has spent considerable time investigating Molopo's investment in BVI registered company Orient FRC Ltd (Orient) which MPO first announced to ASX on 22 August 2017 and which was the subject of an update announcement on 11 December 2017 2 (the Orient Transaction).[more]
Arrow Right2017 Annual Report
24 October 2017 Download Keybridge 2017 Annual Report.[more]
Arrow RightLetter to Molopo Energy Shareholders Ahead of Requisitioned General Meeting on 10 November 2017
19 October 2017 Shareholders would recall that Keybridge raised significant concerns regarding the management and investment strategy of Molopo in the lead up to Molopo's AGM in June 2017 and advocated for changes to the Molopo Board.[more]
Arrow RightComposition Of Board Of Molopo Energy Limited
14 March 2017 Keybridge Capital Limited (ASX:KBC) (Keybridge) has served a notice on Molopo Energy Limited (ASX:MPO) (Molopo or Company) requiring Molopo to call a general meeting of shareholders (Meeting) pursuant to the provision of section 249D of the Corporations Act, at which Molopo shareholders will have the opportunity in a fair and transparent manner to determine whether to retain some or all current Board members and/or to appoint three new highly qualified Directors to the Molopo Board. [more]
Arrow RightHalf Year Results
04 March 2016 The Directors of Keybridge Capital Limited (ASX: KBC) regret the late lodgement of the Companys half-year report and acknowledge that this is unacceptable. There were a number of factors which impacted the lodgement including the suspension of our Managing Director, departure of the Company's CFO and introduction of new auditors, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. [more]
Arrow RightDecember 2017 Half Year Report
28 February 2017 Download half year report 31 December 2016[more]
Arrow Right2016 Annual Report
03 October 2016 Download Keybridge 2016 Annual Report.[more]
Arrow RightFull Year Results
31 August 2015 The year ended 30 June 2015 was a significant transition year for Keybridge, with the acquisition of Aurora Funds Management (AFML) forming the base of a new strategic direction to become a significant Alternative-Asset Funds Management business, while management continued to exit difficult historical investments with realisations totalling $3.832 million achieved during the year.[more]
Arrow RightHalf Year Results
27 February 2015 , The Company has declared a fully franked interim dividend of 0.25 cents per share. The record date for the interim dividend is 12 March 2015, with the payment date being 31 March 2015. The Board of Keybridge has determined the Dividend Reinvestment Plan will apply to this dividend. [more]
Arrow RightKeybridge invests in Retelit S.p.A
6 October 2014 , Keybridge is pleased to announce that it has entered into an investment agreement with Retelit S.p.A. (“Retelit” or the “Company”), a leading Italian telecommunications company to provide funding for the Company to pursue expansion activities both in Italy and internationally. [more]
Arrow Right Keybridge invests in Foundation Life
02 September 2014 , Keybridge is pleased to announce that it has participated as an investor in Foundation Life (FL), to assist in its acquisition of Tower Limited's residual life insurance business. [more]
Arrow RightFull Year Results
27 August 2014 , The year ended 30 June 2014 was a year of transition for Keybridge Capital Limited (Keybridge) as management focused on its asset realisation program. [more]
Arrow RightBoard Update
7 March 2014 , Keybridge Capital Limited announces that Peter Wood stepped down from the Keybridge Board yesterday, following the resolution of the recent takeover offer. [more]
Arrow RightHalf year Results
25 February 2014 , Completed the acquisition of PR Finance Group the sale of Motor Finance Wizard division resulted in a cash return to the Company of $10.5 million. $20.1 million cash-on-hand at 31 December 2013.[more]
Arrow Right Second Supplementary Target's Statement
10 February 2014 , Non-Associated Directors recommend shareholders REJECT OCP's increased 19.0 cents bid. $3 million valuation uplift from expected cash realisation in Property asset. [more]
Arrow Right Targets Statement Says Reject OCPs Inadequate Offer
2 January 2014 , Keybridge's Target's Statement Says Reject Oceania Capital's Inadequate Offer. [more]
Arrow Right Target's Statement and Independent Expert's Report
31 December 2013 , The Non-Associated Directors recommend that you reject the Oceania Capital Offer. Shareholders should read this Target's Statement in full before deciding whether to reject the Offer. [more]
Arrow Right Shareholders should take no action following extension of time for dispatch of its Target's Statement
24 December 2013 , The Directors of Keybridge reiterate their recommendation that shareholders take no action in relation to the proposed off-market takeover offer from Oceania Capital Partners Limited (ASX:OCP) [more]
Arrow Right Letter to Shareholders re OCP Offer
18 December 2013 , Keybridge has received notice that OCP has despatched its Bidder's Statement to shareholders. The directors strongly advise that you take no action in relation to the OCP offer at the present time. [more]
Arrow Right ASX Market Announcement
3 December 2013 , Keybridge NTA (unaudited) 22.4 cents per share compared with 19.0 cents per share last announced. Company considering a share buyback and other capital management options. [more]
Arrow Right Appendix 3C Announcement of buy-back
7 November 2013 . [more]
Arrow RightKeybridge places PR Finance Group Limited (PRFG) and its subsidiaries into external administration
21 October 2013 , Keybridge advised that the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) had issued a letter to AMX Money (AMX) expressing concerns. [more]
Arrow RightChairman's Address to Shareholders
10 October 2013 , Keybridge now has a portfolio of investments much reduced in size compared to prior periods. [more]
Arrow RightMarket Update - Australian Money Exchange
3 October 2013 , On 25 June 2013, Keybridge became the effective owner of PR Finance Group Limited (PRFG), by way of Scheme of Arrangement.[more]
Arrow RightSale of PR Finance Group Limited's Subsidiary Motor Finance Wizard Completed
17 September 2013 , Motor Finance Wizard sale completed. Keybridge received $10.5 million cash ($11.7 million previously estimated). 2013). [more]
Arrow RightFull Year Results
29 August 2013 , Net loss after tax and after impairment provisions for full year of $3.8 million. All corporate debt repaid in May 2013. Completed Scheme of Arrangement to acquire PR Finance Group Limited[more]
Arrow RightCourt Approves Scheme of Arrangement
14 August 2013 , Keybridge is pleased to announce that the Federal Court today approved the Scheme of Arrangement between Keybridge and PR Finance Group Limited (PRFG), with an effective date of 28 June 2013. [more]
Arrow RightPR Approves Supplemental Scheme of Arrangement
12 August 2013 , Keybridge is pleased to announce that PR Finance Group Limited shareholders have today approved a resolution ratifying the approval of the Scheme by PRFG Shareholders given at the Scheme Meeting that was held on 14 June 2013. [more]
Arrow RightMarket Update
18 July 2013 , Finalisation of full year accounts progressing. Impairment provisions of $6.9 million to be raised against property investments. 2013). [more]
Arrow RightPRFG Supplementary Scheme Booklet
15 July 2013 [more]
Arrow RightKeybridge Acquires Remaining Interest in PR Finance Group Limited (PRFG) Mezzanine Loan
14 May 2013, Keybridge acquires the remaining 15.5% minority interest in its PRFG mezzanine loan for $1.72 million[more]
Arrow RightSale of Aircraft and Full Repayment of Corporate Debt Facility
1 May 2013, Keybridge has received USD29.7 million from the sale of last remaining aircraft investment [more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Report
10 April 2013, Completion of the sale of the three Brussels aircraft delayed.[more]
Arrow RightTax Refund from 2008 Financial Year
2 April 2013, Keybridge has received a $5.13 million tax refund from the ATO as a result of an amended 2008 Income Tax Return (ITR)[more]
Arrow RightPRFG Scheme of Arrangement
2 April 2013, Keybridge holds a mezzanine loan to an Australian non-conforming vehicle leasing company, which has a current net exposure of $12.1 million.[more]
Arrow RightHalf year Results
20 February 2013, Operating profit of $1.6 million for the six month period. Net loss (after impairments) of $2.5 million.[more]
Arrow RightMarket Update
5 February 2013, As detailed in our Quarterly Update dated 17 January 2013, two key realisations being pursued by Keybridge are our mezzanine loans secured by four Airbus A330-300 aircraft managed by our finance partner, GMT Global Republic Aviation Limited ("GMT"). 2013). [more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
17 January 2013, Keybridge meets its required debt milestone to 31 December 2012. Corporate debt now reduced to US$27 million (further reduction to US$25 million required by 28 February 2013). [more]
Arrow RightExecutive Change
28th November 2012, The Chairman of Keybridge Capital Limited, Peter Wood, today announced that its Managing Director, Mark Worrall has resigned and will leave the Company at the end of February 2013. [more]
Arrow RightChairmans Address to Shareholders
9th October 2012, The majority of our investments are mezzanine loans, or preference equity, ranking ahead of equity, but behind senior debt specific to the asset. In most transactions, Keybridge has lent to single purpose entities established to own the physical assets, be they aircraft, property projects or renewable electricity facilities. [more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
8 October 2012, Minor amended terms for debt repayment milestone terms agreed with banks. Corporate debt continues to be reduced with USD9.5 million paid during the quarter. [more]
Arrow RightChange in Director voting recommendation
27th September 2012, In the Notice of Meeting distributed to shareholders on 5 September 2012, the Chairman, Peter Wood, and the Managing Director, Mark Worrall, recommended that shareholders vote in favour of the election of Mr Nicholas Bolton at the upcoming Annual General Meeting. [more]
Arrow RightNotice of Meeting
5th September 2012, Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Keybridge Capital Limited (Company) will be held on Tuesday, 9th October 2012. [more]
Arrow RightFull Year Results
14 August 2012, Net profit after tax for the six months to 30 June 2012 of $1 million compared with a loss for the first six months of $4.2 million. Net loss after tax and after impairment provisions for full year of $3.2 million - down from a loss of $30.4 million in 2011 [more]
Arrow RightRepayment Announcement
3 August 2012, Keybridge realises $2 million from sell down of existing loan transaction. Keybridge to receive an estimated US$5.7 million as an interim distribution from its participation in a US Private Equity Fund. [more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
11 July 2012, Company continues to successfully realise investments and repay debt. Discussions underway to deliver long term financing to Keybridge to take out residual corporate debt. [more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
13 April 2012, Corporate Debt facility extended for 12 months to June 2013. Company continues to realise investments and repay debt. [more]
Arrow RightHalf year Results
14 February 2012, Net loss for the six month period of $4.1 million. Positive operating result of $2 million offset by impairment charges in shipping portfolio.[more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
6 January 2012, Keybridge achieves investment realisations during the quarter of USD63.2 million. Corporate debt reduced from USD107 million to USD43.9 million. Forecast cash income expected to meet operating expenses and interest costs to June 2012. [more]
Arrow RightChairman's Address to Shareholders
20 October 2011, Before moving to the formal business of the meeting, I would like to comment on Keybridge's performance over the past 12 months and to provide you with our thoughts on the outlook for the Company, including the consequences of the personnel changes we have announced this week. [more]
Arrow RightExecutive Restructure for Keybridge Capital Limited
19 October 2011, The Chairman of Keybridge Capital, Irene Lee, today announced that Mark Phillips is to leave the Company in November 2011, and Executive Director, Mark Worrall is to assume the role of Managing Director. [more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
17 October 2011, Significant aviation repayment completes. Outstanding corporate debt reduced to less than USD60 million.[more]
Arrow RightNotice of Meeting
14th September 2011, Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Keybridge Capital Limited (Company) will be held on Thursday, 20th October 2011. [more]
Arrow Right2011 Full Year Results
11th August 2011, Loss for full year of $34.0 million, with a further negative contribution from foreign exchange. Aviation repayment results in increased asset writedowns but places Keybridge in stronger financial position. [more]
Arrow RightRepayment Announcement
1 August 2011, Contracts entered into for the repayment of one of Keybridge's aviation investments. Repayment is at a discount to book value but will place the Company in a stronger financial position. [more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
7 July 2011, Documentation completed for extension of banking facility. Reduced exposure to changes in value of Australian Dollar .[more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
11 April 2011, Keybridge's banks have agreed to extend its debt facility. Company continues to realise investments and repay debt.[more]
Arrow RightHalf year Results
10 February 2011, Loss for the half-year of $20.6 million. Major cause of loss was continued appreciation of Australian Dollar.[more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
10 January 2011, Company continues to realise investments and repay debt. Discussions under way with Company’s banks to extend term of debt facility.[more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
8 October 2010, Investment realisations of $16.5 million since 30 June 2010. Debt repayment milestones now met in full.[more]
Arrow RightChairman's Address to Shareholders
29th September 2010, Before moving to the formal business of the meeting, I would like to comment on Keybridge's performance for the 12 months to June 2010 [more]
Arrow RightNotice of Meeting
27th August 2010, Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Keybridge Capital Limited (Company) will be held on Wednesday, 29th September 2010[more]
Arrow Right2010 Full Year Results
10th August 2010, Keybridge Capital reported a loss of $49.9 million for the year to 30 June 2010. An operating profit of $7 million was offset by asset writedowns,[more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
7 July 2010, Debt reduction at slower pace in June quarter. Cumulative debt repayments remain ahead of schedule.[more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
1 April 2010, Investment repayments of $35 million in March quarter. Debt reduction continues well ahead of schedule.[more]
Arrow RightHalf Year Results
4 February 2010, Loss for the half year of $39 million. Net tangible assets equal to 50 cents per share. [more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
8 January 2010, Debt repayments of $31.1 million since end of September. Debt reduction ahead of schedule.[more]
Arrow RightFurther Repayment
15 December 2009, Following the market update issued last week, Keybridge has reached agreement in principle for the repayment of another of its loans.[more]
Arrow RightMarket Update
10 December 2009, Keybridge has successfully completed the sale of one of its two investments in Spanish solar facilities. This sale will deliver proceeds of approximately $12 million to the Company.[more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
1 October 2009, First debt repayment milestone of A$5 million met ahead of time. Composition of investments portfolio and operating environment largely unchanged.[more]
Arrow Right2009 Full Year Results
31st August 2009, Keybridge Capital reported a loss of $129 million for the year to 30 June 2009. An operating profit of $35 million was offset by impairment provisions of $151 million.[more]
Arrow RightMarket Update
On 10 June 2009, Keybridge Capital announced that it anticipated significant investment writedowns in its end-of-year accounts. A consequence of this was expected breaches of covenants in the Company's loan facility.[more]
Arrow RightMarket Update
Keybridge Capital Limited has brought forward a preliminary review of the year-end carrying value of its investments portfolio. It has done so in an environment where conditions for the Company’s investments continue to be difficult.[more]
Arrow RightMarket Update
The assets of Keybridge Capital are denominated in US Dollars (64% as at 31 March 2009), Australian Dollars (24%) and Euro (12%).
As a result of amendments to its corporate debt facility implemented in March 2009, just over a half of the Company’s foreign currency assets are matched by borrowings in the same currencies.  A further amount had been hedged through the use of forward foreign exchange contracts.[more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Update
3 April 2009, Keybridge Capital has finalised arrangements with its banks to amend its corporate debt facility and associated foreign currency hedges.[more]
Arrow RightFirst Half Profit Report
10 February 2009, Keybridge Capital's net profit after tax for the six months to 31 December 2008 was $1.3 million, equal to earnings of 0.7 cents per share...[more]
Arrow RightQuarterly Investment Update
16 January 2009, The Company’s total investments increased by 9% to $462 million over the 3 months to 31 December 2008.[more]
Arrow RightChairman's Address to Shareholders [37kb]
Arrow RightQuarterly Investment Update
29 September 2008, Keybridge’s total investments as at 26 September 2008 were $422 million...[more]
Arrow Right 2008 Profit Report
Keybridge Capital’s net profit after tax for the year to 30 June 2008 was $20.8 million. Profit in the second half of the year was $13.6 million, an 89% increase on the first half...[more]
Arrow Right Suspension of Dividend Reinvestment Plan
The Board of Keybridge Capital Limited advises that it has suspended the Company’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP).  The Board took this decision in view of the discount to net tangible assets at which the Company’s shares are trading. ...[more]
Arrow Right Quarterly Investment Update
Subject to final determination of the financial accounts, Keybridge’s total investments at 30 June 2008 were approximately $421 million ...[more]
Arrow Right Quarterly Investment Update
As at 31 March 2008, Keybridge had total investments of $423 million, up 13% from the level at 31 December 2007 ...[more]
Arrow Right Dividend Reinvestment Plan – Share Issue Price
Keybridge Capital Limited advises that the issue price for shares under the Dividend Reinvestment Plan in relation to the interim dividend payable on 19 March 2008 is $0.78 ...[more]
Arrow Right Response to Shareholder Questions
Keybridge Capital Limited has received a significant number of enquiries from investors as to whether the Company’s debt facilities are subject to a minimum market capitalisation requirement and whether any of its Directors are subject ...[more]
Arrow Right Keybridge Half Yearly Profit Announcement
Keybridge Capital Limited today announced a net profit after tax of $7.16 million for the six months ended 31 December 2007, an increase of 80% on the previous half year. ...[more]
Arrow Right Quarterly Investment Update
As at 31 December 2007, Keybridge Capital had total investments of $376 million.  This compares with $317 million at the time of the last update to the market at the end of September 2007 ...[more]
Arrow Right Notice of Change of Name and ASX Code
Mariner Bridge Investments Limited announces that the Company has changed its name to Keybridge Capital Limited and from 3 December 2007 the ordinary shares in the Company will trade under ASX code KBC. ...[more]
Arrow Right Mariner Bridge Chairman's Address to Annual General Meeting 2007
The text of the Chairman's address to the 2007 Annual General Meeting of Mariner Bridge Investments ...[more]
Arrow Right Quarterly Investment Update
Quarterly Investment Update. Growth in total investments to $317 million. FY08 profitability underpinned by high earnings in majority of investment portfolio. Bank debt facilities increased to $210 million. Promising investments outlook ...[more]
Arrow Right Mariner Bridge Investments Full Year NPAT $4.1m
9 August 2007 - Mariner Bridge Investments (ASX: MBR) today announced a net profit after tax of $4.1 million for the year ended 30 June 2007...[more]
Arrow Right Investment Update
20 July 2007 - As at 19 July 2007, Mariner Bridge Investments Limited had total investments of $302 million...[more]
Arrow Right Mariner Bridge Investments Limited – Notification of Oversubscription of Rights Issue
8 June 2007 - Mariner Bridge Investments Limited (Mariner Bridge) advises that it has successfully completed its $74.1 million fully underwritten two for seven non-renounceable Rights Issue...[more]
Arrow Right Results of Institutional Placement
8 May 2007 - Mariner Bridge Investments Limited (ASX: MBR) announces that it has successfully raised a total of $38.9 million of ordinary equity via a placement to institutional shareholders at a price of $2.30 per share...[more]
Arrow Right Preliminary Announcement of Proposed Equity Raising
7 May 2007 - Mariner Bridge Investments has today been granted a trading halt for the purposes of conducting an equity raising...[more]
Arrow Right Quarterly Investment Update
4 April 2007 - As at 31 March 2007 Mariner Bridge Investments had $177 million of investments...[more]
Arrow Right Mariner Bridge Investments Limited Announces Half Year Results
22 February 2007 - Mariner Bridge Investments today announced that its net profit after tax for the half year to 31 December 2006 was $127,000...[more]
Arrow Right Mariner Bridge Chairman's Address to Annual General Meeting 2006
30 November 2006 - The text of the Chairman's address to the 2006 Annual General Meeting of Mariner Bridge Investments, which took place at 3:30pm today...[more]
Arrow Right Mariner Bridge Appoints Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary
13 November 2006 - Mariner Bridge Investments Limited today announced that Karen McGregor had been appointed as Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary...[more]
Arrow Right Mariner Bridge posts record financial results - announces significant corporate restructure
29 August 2006 - The innovative financial services group Mariner Financial [ASX: MFI] has posted pre-tax and after-tax profits of $15.9 million and $10.2 million respectively for the 12 months to June 30 2006 – record results in its three-year history...[more]